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Satisfied, happy customers are our greatest pride


Satisfied, happy customers are our greatest pride

You cannot put a price on customer satisfaction. Every day, we strive to improve our efforts and overcome barriers in our search for solutions that are increasingly tailored to our customers' needs. And this is why we are enormously proud that many benchmark companies in a vast array of business sectors have chosen us to be their partner for the dematerialisation of their processes.

Meet some of our major customers and find what they have gained from our solutions.



Adega de Monção

See hoe the the ex libris of the north-east region has gained followers all over the world and how YET's solutions have accelerated management.


National and internationl meat production reference, Campicarn accelerated the purchase processes of over 500 customers that sell their products.

Ach Brito

Founded in 1918, Ach Brito is one of the largest Portuguese companies with international presence. Known for its Déco design, the mythical soap conquered Hollywood being a constant presence in the necessaires of stars like Oprah Winfrey, Nicolas Cage and Kate Moss.

Caves Santa Marta

"(...) Apart from the savings in terms of time, we observed a large reduction in cost with paper and a clear reduction of human error. When invoices strayed it was necessary to request a duplicate, and repeat the whole process again. Currently, with electronic transactions, we are always sure that the receiver received our documents. "


Find out how YET's electronic transactions helped simplify and impulse Pitorro's business, a company with more than 150 years of history.

Simões Lda

"(...) The fluidity and speed in the emission of documents, and the consequent saving of time. One important factor is we now have the assurance that all processes are successfully completed "


"(...) We are now seeing a decrease in administrative work and the elimination of errors in documents that previously arrived by fax. With this service we spare a few hours of work per day, which means a saving in about half a month’s salary. "

Ti' Piedade

The original recipie has centuries, but the flavour of this treat still leaves mouths watering all over the world,
We visited Ti Piedade, famous for the fabrication traditional Pão de Ló, that simplifies management with YET solutions.