Monteiro Ribas eliminates weekly printing costs with YET Electronic Invoicing | YET

Monteiro Ribas eliminates weekly printing costs with YET Electronic Invoicing

Monteiro, Ribas - Flexible Packaging, responsible for the production of packaging for the food industry, adopted YET’s electronic invoicing solution, a Portuguese company specialized in electronic transactions, to gain competitiveness. 
In 2011, Monteiro, Ribas presented a turnover of over 26 million euros and a portfolio of 200 clients spread across Portugal, France and the UK. Through YET’s electronic trading platform, the company will receive and send (via the Internet) orders, delivery notes, invoices and other accounting and logistics documents electronically. 
With an average volume of 800 orders and invoices a week, Monteiro, Ribas will get immediate return in terms of reducing costs and increasing productivity gains. The fact that the processing of orders and invoices being fully automated will allow the company to allocate more resources to other greater added value tasks for the business, eliminating processing errors, speeding up business relationships with customers, as well as eliminating the paper and envelope load, as well as shipping costs associated with the billing process. 
"We have always believed that the adoption of an e-invoicing solution would bring numerous benefits to the business, including increased competitiveness," said José Barros, the Director of Monteiro, Ribas - Flexible Packaging. "With the YET’s solution, the benefits are almost immediate, not only in terms of file and document handling costs but also the time spent, as processes become automatic and simultaneously more rigorous. For this reason, we encourage the use of this technology to customers and suppliers, regardless of company size. "
"This project allowed us to demonstrate the versatility of the YET’s electronic invoicing platform and its ability to adapt to any existing management solution on the market. By the number of documents transacted weekly, this project reflects the impact that the dematerialisation of billing processes can have on the competitiveness of a business,"says Eugenio Veiga, Director of YET. 
With a strong export activity, representing an international business of about 70% of company sales, Monteiro, Ribas - Flexible Packaging also hopes to broaden the process of electronic billing to its international clients, among them Campofrio Food Group, William Saurin and United Biscuits.