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Sotecnisol Gains Competitiveness thanks to YET Electronics Invoicing

The Sotecnisol, a company that operates in the construction, environmental and energy sectors - implemented the YET Electronic Transactions platform in order to optimize billing processes with their customers and gain competitiveness. The platform allowed Sotecnisol dematerialise these processes, which resulted in an immediate reduction of administrative costs by 30% and increased productivity of the resources available through the relocation of efforts towards greater added value task for the business. 
With a turnover exceeding  27 million euros in 2011 and about 2,000 customers spread across Portugal, Spain, Italy, Angola and Algeria, Sotecnisol started sending via YET’s electronic transactions platform, invoices as well as management tools and budget control documents associated with each project, which translated into a competitive advantage for the company. This resulted, among other benefits for the business, in an acceleration of trade relations with customers as well as the elimination of paper, envelopes and shipping costs associated with the billing process. 
"At a time when the words" competitiveness "," costs "and" productivity "are on the agenda, the adoption of solutions that dematerialise administrative processes, enabling companies to optimize their business, always present themselves as an important added value "says José Luis Castro, CEO of Sotecnisol. "If we add to the optimization of existing processes and resources, saving environmental resources afforded by electronic transaction documents, we are simultaneously continuing our policy of environmental responsibility and contributing to the success of our business.
"The project developed for the Sotecnisol proves, once again, that the YET Electronic Transaction Platform is the transversal and adaptable," adds Eugenio Veiga, Director of YET. "It can be implemented by any company, regardless of size or activity sector".
The implementation of this project was the responsibility of Inovflow, a YET Business Partner.