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YET Full DocXchange

Integrated global electronic transaction solution
Integrated global electronic transaction solution
If you are looking for a solution that completely dematerialises the process of issuing and receiving documents, look no further.
YET Full DocXchange is an integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution that communicates with your company's business management system (ERP). Thanks to this connection, processes run smoothly, processing is done automatically and the data are trustworthy.
The system takes care of every possible dematerialisation scenario. Its open, parameterisable configuration means it can be adapted to any organisation's specific needs and to the demands of every type of business.
The platform's excellent level of availability ensures the provision of a fast, efficient EDI service even in demanding environments where considerable amounts of documents must be processed. This allows you to be sure that your business and financial documents such as purchase orders, bills of lading, invoices, debit notes and credit notes will be processed quickly and automatically integrated into your management system.
The efficiency of your processes and the rigorous processing of your accounting and financial data is thus ensured.

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The YET Full DocXchange solution will make a visible change for the better in various administrative and financial procedures:
  • Time-consuming manual tasks that bring no added value to your business will be eliminated
  • Greater administrative efficiency: no more missing documents, shorter waiting times and delays, and an end to processing errors
  • Documents can be sent quickly and their status monitored
  • The solution can be integrated with various ERPs, and is easy to parameterise and adapt to different information systems
  • Maximum efficiency and quality of service will be the hallmark of your business relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Your transactions will be more secure and more transparent
  • Your documents can be consulted and filed with ease
  • Your environmental footprint will be significantly smaller
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  Try our solution and benefit from:

   - Speed and security in all your logistical and financial transactions;

   - Reliable communications with the major national and international
     networks in the large retail sector;

   - Ease of access and flexibility in terms of filing your documents for
     twelve years, i.e. the length of time the law requires you to retain