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YET Full Invoice

Integrated Electronic Invoicing Solution
Integrated Electronic Invoicing Solution
Don't waste any more time processing and sending invoices. Get a better return on your management software investment by integrating an electronic invoicing system with your ERP.  YET Full Invoice lets you take the fullest possible advantage of your management solution by integrating and automating the processing and sending of your invoices via Internet.
As far as security and the fulfilment of legal requirements are concerned, this solution ensures that you comply with the legislation applicable to electronic invoicing and digital filing. An advanced digital signature gives you every guarantee of authenticity and legal validity.
Since YET Full Invoice is a solution that is integrated with your ERP, it affords considerable flexibility when it comes to processing and sending your invoices. Automated processes such as these are crucial for businesses that handle large amounts of transactions. 


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Integrated with your ERP, this solution will make your business more flexible in a number of ways: See what the main benefits of the solution are and give your business a new boost:
  • Cut postage costs
  • Faster operations and more reliable information
  • Can be integrated with various ERPs
  • More efficient business relationships with your customers
  • Fewer errors in sending invoices and no more documents going astray
  • Invoices can easily be tracked and delivery to the addressee monitored
  • An important tool to help you manage payment collection
  • Invoices can easily be consulted and filed
  • Your transactions will be more secure and more transparent
  • Your environmental footprint will be smaller
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   Make your operations more flexible and your administrative
  processes more efficient with this solution, which offers you:

  - Fast, secure and effective processing and sending of invoices

  - Notifications about the status of the invoices you are sending

  - Parameterisation adapted to your company's specific needs

  - Fast, simple and practical digital filing