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Simplicity in Electronic Transactions
Simplicity in Electronic Transactions
Is mobility important for your business?
Do you want fast access to an EDI solution wherever you happen to be?
With the YET Quick DocXchange solution, you can rapidly access an electronic transaction service with no implementation or configuration.
All you need is Internet access. This allows you to access the solution and immediately start sending and receiving invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading and other business and financial documents. A secure authentication system guarantees that your data will remain confidential and secure. 
And documents processed electronically (EDI) are easy to file too. The solution deals with the electronic filing of your documents, ensuring compliance with all security, authentication and legal validity requirements.

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  • Easy to access and fast, effective document transfers
  • Solution A universal and intuitive solution, compatible with any management system
  • Low investment, since no outlay is required for hardware, software, implementation and maintenance
  • Integration of documents with the leading national and international distribution chains
  • Every document's status can be monitored, putting an end to the problems that arise as a result of documents going astray, lost mail, etc.
  • Secure compliance with the legal requirements associated with the electronic transmission of documents
  • Your environmental impact will be smaller thanks to the dematerialisation of processes that, when conducted using traditional methods, consume large amounts of limited natural resources

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  Enjoy greater flexibility in your business relationships with
 customers and suppliers, using a solution that guarantees you:

  - Efficient transactions at very low cost;

  - Reliable communications with major retailers thanks to the
   integration of documents with the leading national and
    international distribution chains.