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YET Quick Invoice

Electronic Invoicing Within Reach of Any Company
Electronic Invoicing Within Reach of Any Company
Are you looking for a simple, accessible solution to send your invoices electronically?
Then YET Quick Invoice is the right choice! This turnkey electronic invoicing solution is very simple, intuitive and economical. You can start sending your invoices electronically as soon as you have installed it, which is very quick and easy to do.
This solution will give you even greater control over your business. You will soon be able to see which invoices have been delivered to their addressees, which ones have not been looked at even though they have been delivered, and which ones have still to be sent.
Even if you do not usually send large numbers of invoices, your administrative services will become more dynamic. Invoices will be processed faster. The costs associated with sending invoices manually (stamps, envelopes, paper, etc.) will be eliminated. You will save time, which you can then devote to creating added value for your business.
And the filing of your invoices will be more flexible too. The digital archive allows you to save space and time. Invoices can be kept on file for 12 years, the period of time required by law. This means that your documents will be organised in an efficient manner and you will be able to access them quickly and easily.

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As well as making the administrative processes associated with invoicing more flexible, the YET Quick Invoice solution also offers a varied range of benefits, including:
  • A turnkey solution that is easy to install and use, and is compatible with any management system  
  • Cuts the cost involved in sending invoices (stamps, envelopes, paper, etc.).
  • Increased productivity and administrative efficiency due to the elimination of time-consuming manual tasks of low added value. 
  • Documents are sent quickly and reliably, and the chance of them going astray is a thing of the past.
  • You can easily monitor the status of your documents.
  • Fully complies with all legal requirements associated with electronic invoicing.
  • Data security.
  • Invoices are stored in a digital archive for a period of 12 years, in compliance with the legislation in force.
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   Make your business more flexible with this simple, intuitive
   and economical solution, and benefit from:

  - Fast, secure sending of your invoices

  - Controlled and efficient invoicing processes

  - Profitability, since your costs will be lower

  - Increased productivity